Gwanghoon Kim                       



Roof Plan and Landscape Change

1:100 Plan (Ground and First Floor)

1:100 Elevation

1:100 Section

Exploded Isometric Drawing

1:50 Section Model

Perspective view I (Main Entrance)

Perspective view II (Stage)

Perspective view III (Side)

Perspective view IV (Bridge)

As part of my final proposal, I lifted the existing green area on the site and used it as the roof of my building to keep the existing green area from disappearing. Also, more interesting landscape were created by placing the stage of the theater on the water and designing the audience seats on the waterfront.

The building was divided into two sides based on the main staircase in the center, so it is used for different programs.

Rammed earth was used as a main material for the exterior of the building to give the atmosphere connected to the ground.