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Why People Not Go to the Library

Relationship Between Boring and Fun

Concept Sketches I

Concept Sketches II

Concept Collage

Ticket as Library Collection

Precedents Study I - centraal Beheer  Office

Precedents Study II - The National Library of Kosovo

Case Study - Guildhall Library

Modular I

Modular II

Modular III

Kinetic Library Instruction I

Kinetic Library Instruction II

Proposal Section Drawing

It was a concept project, one of the library series, and the library concept was initiated inspired by the transit system of public transportation and the journey by the transportation.

People wait at the station and get train and are delivered to other station to do their works

Like this sequence, the concept was designed like people wait for the moving bookcase in the study room where act like a kind of station, and solve their needs from the bookcase.

This concept naturally led to an approach of modular design and the sequence of users was emphasized during the modular layout process.