Gwanghoon Kim                       



Library has a lot of potential. The idea that a library is just a place to read and study is so outdated, so the design that the space should consist of bookshelves with lots of books and neatly arranged desks and chairs is also wrong. The role of library has historically been to keep collections/books and get information from it, but books are no longer being made only physically as they used to be, but are being digitalized. In other words, it also means that there is no need for huge storage space, and people can access information regardless of places, which eventually leads to less and less people visiting libraries in the future. This is a trend that cannot be ignored and the role and design of libraries must also change in line with this trend.

Library should no longer be a boring and static space where people can't find any interesting except reading. It should provide more contents to visitors and play as a role of community center where people gather together and share each other's culture. Also, it should be a fun place where you can go and play without any reason. If library can attract young people who are not yet familiar with library by creating an interesting space, it can instill them with the joy of going to the library and the library culture. If this happens, they will be able to experience the library's main function which is 'learning' naturally.

If the library can be like a town center where attracts people and suitable place to hang out, we can expect a positive effect of the interesting library not only to the local people, but also many future visitors after the regeneration project of Vauxhall.